Panel Horse Walkers

Maintenance Free & Durable Panel Walkers

Also known as Horse Exercisers, Eurocisers etc..

Fit horses perform, behave, and are less injury prone. But consistent exercising is a full time job. And you (probably) already have one of those.

That’s why our horse walkers are the easiest, most practical option.

Fortunately, our horse walkers are durable, stylish, and virtually maintenance-free. And they provide endless options, all at a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone full time (or do it yourself).


Product Overview:

Free & Natural Movement: Our panel walkers “push” a horse, so that even untrained horses can immediately use the walker freely and naturally.

Flexible Configurations: Available in 4, 6, or 8 horse configurations

No Burning Belts: Our planetary gear box system works just like a track hoes, providing maintenance free, reliable operations for years to come. And the Siemens 3 horse power motor has the strength, speed, and torque to withstand 2000 pounds of downward pull while conditioning up to eight horses at once.

Perfect Circles: Our curved panels create a perfect circle, with 6′ tall and made of heavy-duty 16 gauge quadraform tubing. Solid bottom sheeting keeps the dirt in the track. Our panels can be ordered with horizontal rails or 2″x2″ heavy-duty, 4 gauge wire mesh tops.

Wireless Remote Control: Bring your horses from a slow walk to a fast trot with variable speed controls, reverse direction, or even stop the walker all from your front porch using our convenient pocket-sized remote control.

Precise Horse Conditioning: Standard push button control box features large labeled buttons and a convenient timer with 3 preset time increments. And the touch screen control box allows you to program automated workouts for your horses. With this added functionality, conditioning your animals can be more precise as time, speed, and direction are determined for each pre-set routine.

Divider Panels: Low impedance electrically-charged, free swinging divider panels encourage horses that have a tendency to lag behind to keep pace. Each divider panel is made of heavy duty 2″x2″ 4 gauge wire mesh, and the electrical charge is optionally activated at the control box.

Optional Sprinkler System: Our sprinkler system enhances the drag’s effectiveness and keeps the ground moist to eliminate dust. Just attach any outdoor water hose to the walker’s sprinkler hookup and you are ready to go. This add-on is a great addition to any Panel Walker system.


About Priefert: A History of Excellence

For over 50 years, Priefert has lead and revolutionized the cattle and equine industries by introducing a variety of products that are durable, innovative and, most importantly, safe for the animal and the operator. Priefert products are used and endorsed by top equine and cattle handling professionals around the world, and by dozens of organizations like the PBR, the PRCA, the USTRC, and many others.

Save Time & Money

When you consider the value of your own time, the cost and risk of hiring someone to keep your hoses conditioned, and the health and performance benefits for your horses, a Priefert panel walker is a wise and practical investment.

Round Pen Drag

Save time in maintenance and improve the consistency of your ground with Priefert's optional round pen drag. The drag attaches to the walker's arms to move dirt from inside to out or outside in depending upon the need. By eliminating ruts with the drag, the conditioning track will be more consistent and improve the effects of the overall workout.

*Never use drag with horses in the round pen.

Automated Workouts

Our touchscreen control panel option allows you to program automated workouts for your horses. With this added functionality, conditioning your animals can be more precise as time, speed, and direction are determined for each pre-set routine.
Whisper Quite

All Priefert Walkers are whisper quite. In fact, we measured the decibel output of the walker and found that it produced only 60 decibels of noise. Imagine a seventy foot diameter, eight horse walker that produces less noise than your household clothes dryer.

Weather Proof Finish

Every Priefert Walker is powder coated in our in-house facility using a durable architectural grade powder coat finish which will extend the life and beauty of your purchase for years to come. This electrostatically applied, baked-on finish is resistant to weather, rust, and chipping. Black is our standard stocking color, other colors are available with an upcharge.