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Buckley Steel Board Fence


2x the life of vinyl. 3x the life of wood. Buckley Fence isn’t just the most environmentally friendly horse fence on the market—it’s so beautiful it’ll make your neighbors envious, too. Sign up for the Kovac mailing list by clicking below and we’ll follow up. Oh, and we’ll send you a surprise bonus, too.



What Buckley Clients Say



I drove to a feed store a few towns away to order feed. When I gave my address, the clerk looked up excitedly and asked if I lived near a certain intersection. When I told him yes, he said. “With the fence? The really nice black fence? You’re that lady?” And I said yes again. He smiled and said, “We all love it.”


So it seems like your fence is the talk of not just our town, but nearby ones, too!

— Sarah from Spring Hill, Kansas

Have any of your clients ever hugged your Buckley Fence? If not, I might be the first! I couldn’t help it…it was even better than I imagined!


When I came home today, two sides of one pasture were completed, and it is the most beautiful fence I have ever seen. I am getting calls from neighbors! People are driving by, turning around, and asking about it!

— Kaye from McKinney, Texas

Fencing was a difficult decision because there are so many choices and fencing is a costly investment. After research, research, research, and looking at every fence we passed with a critical eye for months, we finally decided on metal fencing. And it did not take long to appreciate the quality of Buckley Fence.


My horses are now happily in their new pasture. We are enjoying looking at a beautiful, straight, and level fence, and we recommend Buckley.

— Jerry from Zenia, Ohio



Why Buckley Beats Every Other Option










Inspires Envy While Remaining Durable

The only post and rail board fence made of steel

The aesthetic appeal of traditional wood fencing but much stronger and more durable

Rails slide into the posts and are easily articulated, allowing the fence-line to follow the terrain

Installation is simple for the installer and the do-it-yourselfer

10-foot post centers and matching gates


Lasts Longer Than Anything Else

Life expectancy is decades

Lifetime maintenance costs are virtually zero

Powder-coat finish is durable, and water, impact, & UV-resistant

No painting required beyond minor touch-ups

No warped, broken, or sagging rails or gates


Allows for Ease of Use, Even for Children

Incredibly easy entry with our EZ Latch

Steel strength prevents any gate sag, plus comes with an easy-to-adjust leveling system

Steel board gates rest on their own post with a built-in dual bearing system

Our exclusive Swinging Gate Latch™ allows quick operation of dual-gate installs


Keeps Your Horse Significantly Safer

Veterinarians recommend for safety

Installed at the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine

No fasteners or nails

Smooth, rounded edges

Each board will bow at 400 pounds of pressure and then spring back into perfect true form

If the horse panics, the fence will flex and break out and away from them


We are proud of each Innovative Product


Steel Board Horse Fencing | Wire mesh / Hot Wire mounts | Steel Board Gates | EZ Latch system