145×245 Roping/Rough Stock Arena

Permanent or portable panels for install?

We can help you choose which panels to build your arena. Here are a few considerations we can help with.

 Benefit 1: Endless Versatility When arenas are built on a budget with future plans for expansion, or the requirements of the arena change over time, our portable panels can be moved, and the structure can be easily expanded or reduced in size with minimal effort. Once permanent pens are in place, any structural modifications are often labor intensive and can require expensive third party labor costs.

 Benefit 2: Portability & Value Our arenas can be relocated on your current property, taken with you if you move, or repurposed into paddocks, round pens, and more. (And they keep value! Most modular panels purchased 10 years ago are worth as much today used as they were when they were originally purchased.)

 Benefit 3: Ease of Installation & Time Saving Unlike permanent installations, no skilled labor from welders or carpenters is required (which means it’s also cheaper). Two or three men can put up a panel arena in a fraction of the time it takes to build permanent facilities because they are so easy to work with. Installation can often be completed in one or two days from start to finish depending on the size and type of arena setup.

 Benefit 4: Massive Cost Savings The initial cost of a portable panel arena is less than the labor, material and time costs of a permanent installation. When taking maintenance costs into consideration, panel arenas are almost always a more cost effective investment than permanent. Many times the addition of a permanent structure, like an arena, becomes a taxable asset, while portable or “temporary” structures do not incur these taxes.

 Benefit 5: Adaptability to Your Current Set-up Our panels can easily be connected to many competitors’ panels and are often available with special connectors to attach to existing permanent pens. This adaptability allows you to utilize and/or connect to materials you may already have in place.

 Benefit 6: Good Looking & Long Lasting We use only the best materials available, and our panels are powder coated for a long lasting, good looking facility. Our powder with UV inhibitors to help the panel resist the fading effects of sunlight, ensuring that your panels look good for many years to come. This powder also results in a high gloss, furniture quality finish that has a beautiful aesthetic appeal.

 Benefit 7: Low Maintenance – No Re-Painting Required! Our powder coat finish is made to last, making it a great low maintenance option. Most permanent installations require expensive rust preventative maintenance every year, along with new coats of paint every few years to keep the arena looking fresh.

 Benefit 8: Safe for Humans & Livestock Permanent installations are often built using local welders or laborers who usually do not have experience with livestock. Given their lack of experience, they often overlook many of the details that are crucial to safety. These can range from sharp exposed edges to poor designs in regard to livestock flow.

 Benefit 9: Toughest Products Available Our panels feature single piece, vertical stays that are fitted through drilled rails to increase the panel’s strength. In fact, our products are so tough and reliable that they are the exclusive equipment choice of the top professionals and organizations in the country, such as the PBR and the PRCA.

 Benefit 10: Options, Options and More Options We understand that arenas are not a “one size fits all” product, so we offer a number of options when it comes to panel types and accessories to help each customer find the best fit for their budget. We also offers a variety of arena kits for basic riding arenas, roping arenas, rough stock arenas and combination arenas, making it easy to select an arena layout that fits a customer’s specific needs.

Additional information


As the official equipment provider for the PRCA, NFR, and PBR, Priefert Arenas are used and endorsed by the top athletes and organizations in the world. We are proud to offer a number of pre-designed arena kits to make building your own arena a snap. The Priefert name has become synonymous with today’s roping industry and time and time again, our rough stock equipment has been chosen by industry leaders for its ruggedness, reliability, and innovative features. Our combination arenas offer you the best of both worlds with a timed event end featuring the most widely used roping chute in the country – Priefert’s Model RC98M Manual Roping Chute, and a rough stock event section featuring six Priefert Bucking Chutes.

This combination arena kit features a 145’ x 245’ arena with a timed event and rough stock event setup. This arena is ideal for practicing or hosting competitions. This layout also includes holding pens for both rough stock and timed-event stock. The rough stock area is setup on the long side of the arena and includes a 10’ wide alley and a Rough Stock Stripping Chute setup. The timed event setup is at one end of the arena, with a Stripping Chute and holding pens at the opposite end. The lead up alley for the roping chute is connected to these holding pens with a 10’ wide return alley. Each component of this arena features an Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish to add years of life to your investment by helping the product resist rust, scratches, and fading.


As the official equipment provider for the PRCA, NFR, and PBR, Priefert Arenas are used and endorsed by the top athletes and organizations in the world.
Priefert Arenas provide a safe and attractive area for riding, practicing, and competing.
This arena includes a Rough Stock setup with 6 Bucking Chutes located in the center of the long side of the arena, opposite the return alley.
This layout also includes a Rough Stock Stripping Chute setup and a full set of holding/back pens.
The alley, rough stock stripping chute area, and holding pens are constructed from Rough Stock Panels.
The 10’ wide sorting alley features 9’ tall Rough Stock Bow Gates to allow for horseback access.
Designed with the cowboy, the livestock, and the chute operators in mind, Priefert’s Bucking Chute design is unmatched in safety and dependability.
Each Bucking Chute features Priefert’s Rumber®-filled roll gates for loading rough stock and a unique metal roller latch design that allows the front release gate to open smoothly, even under intense pressure.
Priefert Bucking Chutes come standard with an attached platform on the back to provide cowboys with easy access when preparing for their ride.
Bucking Chute Platform Stairs and handrails are included to provide easy access to the platform area behind the chutes.
Rough Stock Arena Panels are engineered to handle the high stress crowding of livestock. These panels feature straight legs with sealed tops and bottoms to prevent moisture from getting inside the panel legs.
Rough Stock Arena Panels offer a full 6’ of height to help discourage livestock from jumping on the panels. Heavy duty, fully welded vertical stays provide maximum strength and stability.
Rough Stock Arena Panels connect using sturdy Rough Stock pin connectors to allow for quick and secure connections between panels and to additional components.
Priefert’s Rough Stock Panels and Accessories are our heaviest, most durable line. As the panel line of choice for the NFR and the PBR, these products are designed to handle the rankest stock.
Rough Stock Panels feature “balled” ends, giving them smooth, rounded ends that are animal safe and prevent moisture from getting inside the panel.
Please note that Rough Stock Panels require a point of connection, such as a connector post, an alley frame, or an alley gate.
The timed event portion of this arena kit features Priefert’s Model RC98M Manual Roping Chute, a lead up alley constructed from Steer Alley Panels, “no-back” alley stops, and 2 roping boxes constructed from Rough Stock Arena Panels.
The RC98M is specifically engineered to be as quiet as possible. The unique braking system used to control the front release gate can be set to virtually eliminate noise prevalent with competitor chutes.
The RC98M’s easy fingertip touch release and spring assisted opening ensures that every roper gets the same release of the steer or calf.
The RC98M features contoured sides that narrow at the bottom to discourage animals from turning around in the chute. With a 14” inside width at the bottom, this chute can be used for both steers and calves.
The lead up alley to the chute is constructed from Priefert’s Steer Alley Panel and features a 90 degree turn.
The contoured sides of our Steer Alley Panels are made to the same specifications as our roping chute to create a seamless flow from alley to chute. With a 14” inside width at the bottom, this alley kit discourages animals from turning around and can be used for both steers and calves.
“No-back” alley stops are included to prevent cattle from backing out of the alley once loaded.
This arena layout also features a catch pen and sorting pens with a Stripping Chute setup at the entry. This area is located on the opposite end of the arena from the roping chute.
Priefert’s Stripping Chute is designed to create a safe area for removing ropes and/or head wraps from steers. It features a “step over” entry that’s sheeted to discourage steers from backing out of the stripping chute and a split gate, which can be opened from either side, serves as a blocking gate to keep the steer inside the chute.
The Stripping Chute’s sheeted bottom includes an open section on each side at the back of the chute to provide easy access for removing heel ropes.
Another feature of this arena layout is the 10’wide return alley that connects the catch pen with the lead up alley to the roping chute. This return alley makes it convenient to return a set of steers or calves for a second round of runs.
Our products feature an Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors to add years of life to your investment by helping the product resist rust, scratches and fading.


Arena Dimensions: 145’ x 245’
This kit includes: Arena Panels, a set of 6 Bucking Chutes, rough stock holding pens, a rough stock stripping chute setup, a Model 98 Manual Roping Chute, Steer Panel Alley Kits, and “no-back” Alley Stops, a 10’ wide return alley for steers/calves, a steer stripping chute, and steer/calf holding pens
Arena and return alley constructed from 12’ Rough Stock Arena Panels
Rough Stock holding pens and alley constructed from Rough Stock Panels
Rough Stock Arena Panels constructed from 2” OD 16 gauge tubing with 9.25” spacing between rails (center to center)
Rough Stock Panels constructed from 2” OD 14 gauge tubing with 9.25” spacing between rails (center to center)
Please Note: Rough Stock Panels Require Connector Posts
Bucking Chutes are constructed from 8 and 11 gauge components
Components feature an Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
Panel and Gate color: Grey
Bucking Chute color: Blue and Grey
Roping Chute and Stripping Chute color: Priefert Blue