90 Degree Premier Sweep w/12′ Working Alley

Great for smaller herds, this configuration combines the 90 degree open sweep with a 12’ long working alley, the Model 91 Headgate, and a Headgate Stand.

This rugged, completely reversible crowding system includes a 90 degree sweep, a 12’ working alley, and a Model 91 Headgate with Headgate Stand. The OS-3 can be used as part of a permanent or portable working corral. It provides a durable and affordable crowding system that helps reduce the labor needed for working cattle. This system is constructed with Premier Panels, our number one selling cattle panel, and the HG91 headgate, which works in manual or automatic mode. The “no-back” Alley Stop can be easily adjusted to prevent cattle from backing out of the alley. This system is ideal for small operations, but can be easily expanded upon to accommodate larger herd sizes.

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The OS-3 is great for permanent corrals and versatile enough for portable applications.
This system is ideal for small operations and allows operators to do most any herd work with minimal investment.
90 degree sweep is reversible and can easily be expanded to a 135 degree or 180 degree sweep with the purchase of additional pieces.
Model 91 Headgate operates in manual or automatic catch mode. Simply engage the automatic catch feature by moving the auto-catch lever forward to activate the spring. When in automatic mode, set the self-catch lever on the front of the headgate to select one of 4 opening widths.
The yokes (or sides) of the headgate are contoured to fit securely around the neck of the animal, and the patented Infinite Locking System (guaranteed for life) allows for a perfect fit for every size animal with no adjustments necessary.
HG91 is reversible to allow right or left-handed operation.
“Tough Enough for Cattle, Safe Enough for Horses,” this sweep is constructed from our number one selling cattle panel, the Premier Panel.
Premier Panels are constructed from our patented Quadraform™ tubing to allow for maximum strength and flexibility. These panels feature single piece drilled stays to provide extra strength and stability, J-legs to increase the ease of portability and prevent sinking into wet or boggy ground, and chain connectors to offer increased versatility for connecting panels over uneven ground and allow for easy connection to existing structures.
The 10’ wide Premier Free Swing Bow Gate works as the sweep gate, pushing cattle into the working alley. This gate features a 7’ tall bow frame for added stability and a Double Piston Lever Latch.
With no tools required, the effective height of the “no-back” Alley Stop can be quickly set to prevent the backing of bulls, cows, and calves.
Our Headgate Stand allows to you easily mount the HG91 to the end of the working alley, and is designed so that the Premier Panels fit and chain between brackets “inside” of the Headgate Stand frame.
Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors add years of life to your investment by helping the product resist rust, scratches and fading.
For maximum stability, we recommend driving T-Posts on the outside of the alley at the rear corners of the headgate stand and securing the stand to the T-Posts with the attached chains.


Alley Length: 12’
Alley Frame Inside Height: 74”
Panel Height: 64”
Inside Alley Width: 25”
Bow Gate Frame Height: 7’ (approximate height)
OS-3 includes: 1- 10’ Premier Free Swing Bow Gate, 1- 10’ Premier Panel with Alley Frame, 1- Premier Radius Bar, 2- 8’ Premier Curved Panels, 2- 12’ Premier Panels, 1- Alley Frame, 1- “no-back” Alley Stop, 1- Headgate Stand, and 1- Model 91 Headgate
Priefert recommends driving T-Posts on the outside of the alley at the rear corners of the headgate stand, securing the stand to the T-Posts with the attached chains
HG91 dip painted Priefert Blue
All other components feature a Grey Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish