Cutter Round Pens

Not all Galvanized panels are created equal. Unlike most of our competitors we only use the highest quality American Made Galvanized Tube for maximum strength and durability. No dangerous Hoop legs or plastic caps here, our panels only use horse safe straight legs and weld on caps.

All of our cutter panels are made of 1-⅞” 15 gauge galvanized with 14 mounting tabs to install filler. You can use up to 1” plywood, polyboard or FRP. We offer two different cutter panels, High and Low cutter. The difference being the height of the filler, the high cutter sets it at 5’ with 9-⅞” open at the bottom of the panel and the low cutter sets it at 4’ with a rail on the ground.

We stock both low, high cutters and matching 6’ bowgates.

Panels are 8’-4”