Whole Body Vibration (WBV) helps your horse perform better and rehabilitate faster.
EquiVibe is easier and simpler to use in less time than any other alternative.
It can help the whole body at one time in just minutes.

Before competing, vibration therapy provides an optimal substitute to a traditional warm up. Using this alternative allows muscles to be stimulated and prepared for significant movement without the substantial energy exertion that comes with traditional exercises.

If an injury does occur and a horse is unable to exercise, a decrease in bone density is likely to occur. Horses experience a loss of minerals because they are lacking stimulation to the bones to signal a need to retain these minerals. However, this may be prevented with the use of EquiVibe vibration therapy, which provides significant stimulus to the bones and helps prevent loss of bone density during prolonged periods of inactivity.

EquiVibe Has a Proven “TRACK” Record

The EquiVibe has customers who have had great success in their area of the horse industry. Just in the year 2013 alone in the racing industry, the EquiVibe was a Triple Crown Winner. What we mean is, the winner of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes, their owners and/or trainers are EquiVibe users. Other EquiVibe Circle of Winners include –

  • Multiple Triple Crown Winners
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Preakness
  • Belmont Stakes
  • Multiple Breeders Cup Winners
  • Multiple World Barrel Racing Champions
  • Multiple Greatest Horseman Champions

And Many winners in –

  • Rodeo
  • Hunter/Jumpers
  • Dressage
  • Reining
  • Harness Racing and more.

Also used by vets, therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, stables, layup facilities and more.

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Additional information

Why EquiVibe

Vertical Vibration
The EquiVibe puts out vertical vibration. (This is very important, not all plates have true vertical vibration.) That is what you want and what is best for humans and animals. It is the preferred vibration in the health industry by doctors and trainers alike. When you walk or run you do not run side to side, your movement is more up and down. So vertical vibration is more of a natural movement, which the EquiVibe provides. Only EquiVibe provides the true vertical vibration in the animal health care industry in the United States.

Durable, Last a Lifetime
The EquiVibe is the most durable platform on the market. It’s weight capacity ranges from 2400 to 3600 pounds. And the EquiVibe gives you the best warranty available. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Developed By Horse People for Horse People
The EquiVibe is developed by a family of horse people, with various backgrounds in performance, rehab and preventive care.

Many Sizes To Choose From
We have 6 different sizes and designs to choose from so you have the plate that will always meet your needs. If we do not have it, we can build it. Also we have all sizes in either steel or aluminum.

EquiVibe Is The Original
EquiVibe is the first platform built for horses, large animals and small animals in the United States. EquiVibe has an outstanding “track record” and reputation. It is the preferred whole body vibration platform on the market.

Made in the USA
No fear of the EquiVibe breaking down, no fear of parts coming from a foreign country. Superior customer service is second to none.

Customers tell us that the EquiVibe is much quieter than other platforms.

Our customers like the many choices we offer them, for the different events and type of traveling they do.

They are telling us that rehabilitation, and many times very serious rehab is taking half the time to recover. Some cases are so serious that they are told the horse will never work, be ridden or have a normal way of life again. But then find out that the EquiVibe has brought their horse back to a normal routine again. Some of the stories we get are amazing. The EquiVibe has gone way past our expectations.

Our customers tell us that the horses love it so much, that they sometimes have to literally pull them off the platform. It is great for massage, stress relief and more. Horses have stress too, just like humans.

Preventive Care
Our customers are telling us that they are keeping more horses on the track than ever before since they have gotten the EquiVibe. I am sure not just for racing but for all events this is true.

We have many customers who are excelling in their events since they have had the EquiVibe. This year alone in 2013, all three Triple Crown winners are EquiVibe users.

Compare to Other Equipment
The EquiVibe can do almost all the exercises and provide the same therapy that the walkers, aqua treadmills, spas, ultra sound and laser therapy and other high expensive equipment can do. But the EquiVibe is much less expensive, takes less room and is more portable than any other rehab or performance equipment in the industry.


Model Dimension Capacity Frequency Weight Price
Aluminum EquiVibe 3072 30″ x 72″ 2400 lbs. 10-60 HZ 112 lbs. $4295
Aluminum EquiVibe 3540 35″ x 40″
(set of two) 2400 lbs.Each 10-60 HZ 75 lbs. Each $5795
Aluminum EquiVibe 4080 40″ x 80″ 3600 lbs. 10-60 HZ 150 lbs. $5795

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