Galvanized Round Pens

Not all Galvanized panels are created equal. Unlike most of our competitors we only use the highest quality American Made Galvanized Tube for maximum strength and durability. No dangerous Hoop legs or plastic caps here, our panels only use horse safe straight legs and weld on caps. Panels can be used for permanent or portable fencing. We offer matching posts in 1-⅞”-4” diameter depending on your specific needs.

Best value round pen will always use 12’ panels, but using a smaller panel allows for a smoother circle

4, 5 and 6 rail round pens in STOCK!

General Specs:
1-⅝ 15 Gauge USA Steel
Clamp Together

Specific Specs:
3 Rail 4-½’ Tall, 12-½” Between Rails
4 Rail 5’ Tall, 12” Between Rails
5 Rail 5’ Tall, 8-½” Between Rails
5 Rail Tall 5-½” Tall, 9-½ Between Rails
6 Rail 5-½” Tall, 8-½” Between Rails
6 Rail Tall 6’ Tall, 9-½” Between Rails