Kovac Ranch Equipment Automatic Waterer

Designed to be simple, rugged, attractive and reliable. Removable cover for easy float valve service or adjustment. Convenient bowl drain for easy cleaning. Skirted area provides tidy connection to water. Maintains water level with a completely enclosed valve. Nothing to rust or corrode. Easy to remove and replace. Optional heater is available for cold weather climates.
Hardware: Clamps included for optional pipe corral mounting. Dove-tail feature screws to stable wall for easy mounting.
Connection Recommendations: Requires a 1/2″ pipe size water connection. Best if supply valve terminates near or within the skirted area on the bottom of the water for appearance and safety. Water should be household quality and may need an in-line filter in some applications. Standard color granite gray with black or dark blue cover.
Dimensions: 17″H x 12″W x 16″D
Weight: 9 lbs.