Premier Horse Stall Window

This powder-coated window operates on a simple pivot, and is designed to blend in beautifully with the stall’s vertical bar top. *

The Premier Horse Stall Window features a durable and attractive design that blends in perfectly with the stall’s bar top. The window pins securely into place and operates on a simple pivot, swinging open and folding flush against the stall front. The window can be locked closed using a sliding latch. Many owners choose to mount a feeder bucket inside the stall, below the window opening to allow for quick and easy feeding from outside the stall. This product features an Architectural Grade Powder Coat finish to help it resist rust and scratching, while UV inhibitors in the powder help the window resist fading, ensuring that your product holds up well and looks great for many years to come.

* Product may vary from information, pictures, or videos shown. Please consult Priefert for more information.