Priefert Score Chute RC98SCOREAI

Priefert brings you a new revolution in training with the Score chute. Building on Priefert’s state of-the-art fully automatic chute, the groundbreaking Score chute is the ultimate training tool. The interior neck gate allows the operator to hold the steer inside the chute and repeatedly open the front gate to “score” his or her horse, making this chute essential for keeping horses competition ready.

Every roper knows that having a well-trained horse is a key element for success. It’s critical for a horse to respond to the rider’s cue, rather than the sounds and movements of the chute or the steer. The Score chute’s interior neck gate is engaged with the push of a button. This “locks” the steer in place, making it possible for the roper to “score” the horse. This chute’s innovative neck gate, coupled with all the amazing features of the Fully Automatic chute, make this a must have for any roper. This remote controlled chute is ideal for the practice arena because it virtually eliminates the need for extra chute help.

Many ropers prefer to use this chute in Semi-Automatic Mode, where each function of the chute is controlled by the roper pushing a different button on the remote. In this mode, the optional delay setting on the control box can be used to delay the opening of the front release gate, to allow the roper to prepare for the run after pressing the release button. The remote control unit is compact and easily fits in a pocket or in the optional belt clip-holder (sold separately).

In Fully Automatic Mode, the roper must activate the delay feature to engage the interior neck gate. With the delay on, the roper presses a single button to open the front gate. Seconds later, the Interior Neck Gate opens to release the steer. The Laser Eye detects the chute is empty, closes the front release gate, and opens the tailgate to allow the next steer to enter the chute. When the Laser Eye detects the steer is in the chute, the tailgate closes. To close the Interior Neck Gate, the roper pushes a separate button on the remote before the next run.

By turning off the delay feature in Fully Automatic Mode, the interior neck gate is disengaged. Now, the roper pushes a single button to release the steer, and then the Laser Eye activates the closing of the front release gate and the opening of the split tailgate. Once another steer has entered the chute, the Laser Eye closes the tailgate, allowing the roper to return to the box with a steer loaded and waiting for the next run.


Overall Height: 63”

Overall Width: 36”

Inside Width at Top: 30”

Inside Width at Bottom: 14”

Overall Length: 86”

Weight: 476 lbs (All weights approximate)

Color: Priefert Blue

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