Rough Stock Open Corral System – 200 Head

Designed to handle up to 200 head, this system expands on the RSOSCS-2 by including enough panels and bow gates for six holding pens. *

Designed to handle approximately 200 head, this corral features a 135 degree Rough Stock Open Sweep with a 30’ straight working alley that leads to a Model S04 Squeeze Chute. This system is constructed from our heaviest, most durable panels, Priefert Rough Stock Panels, to ensure that it can handle even the rankest cattle. The layout includes six holding pens connected to a 10’ wide central alley that leads to the sweep. The 30’ working alley is adjustable and can be set to one of four widths to better fit the size of cattle being worked. With no tools required, the “no-back” Alley Stop can be easily adjusted to prevent cattle from backing out of the alley. The attractive and durable Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors will add years of life to your investment by helping your panels resist rust, scratches and fading. The Rough Stock Open Preg Panels provide operators safe and easy access to the rear of the cow for pregnancy checking or artificial insemination. The Model S04 Squeeze Chute is Priefert’s number one selling squeeze chute of all time and features the Model 91 Headgate that works in manual or automatic mode. Not only does this system help take some of the “work” out of working cattle, but it is designed to be “easy on the cow, easy on the cowboy.”
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  • The RSOSCS-3 is great for permanent corrals and works well herds numbering up to 200 head.
  • This system features a 135 degree sweep tub with a 30’ long main working alley that connects to a Model S04 Squeeze chute.
  • By pivoting our 10’ wide sweeping bow gate at the inside corner of the alley entrance, livestock flow is improved by eliminating corners that are found in other sweep systems.
  • The Rough Stock Open Bow Gate includes the sweeping gate, an alley frame that serves as the initial opening into the crowding alley, and a spring loaded Double Piston Lever Latch.
  • Our Rough Stock Open Curve Panels are specially designed to create our sweep tub and each includes three vertical blocking points that allow the sweep gate latch. These stops help prevent cattle from pushing the sweep gate back when being crowded.
  • The 8’ Rough Stock Open Sweep Bow Gate serves as a sorting gate, giving you the option to sort or load out cattle straight from the sweep, without crowding them down the alley.
  • Radius Bars work at ground level to maintain the constant and correct radius for the sweep and the Radius Bow provides support from overhead.
    Priefert’s Rough Stock Panels and Accessories are our heaviest, most durable line. As the panel line of choice for the NFR and the PBR, these products are designed to handle the rankest stock.
  • Sturdy Rough Stock pin connectors allow for quick and secure connections to additional components.
  • Priefert’s unique Adjustable Alley Frames allow operators to quickly and easily adjust the width of the working alley to better fit the size of cattle being work. The alley can be set to 18”, 21”, 25”, or 28” wide.
  • The Sheeted Adjustable Alley Gates are designed to work with our Adjustable Alley Frames and serve as heavy duty roll gates for blocking cattle.
  • With no tools required, the effective height of the “no-back” Alley Stop can be quickly set to prevent the backing of bulls, cows, and calves.
  • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors adds years of life to your investment by helping the panels and gates resist rust, scratches and fading.
  • Two Rough Stock Open Preg Panels situated at the end of the main working alley makes it easy to gain secure access to palpate or AI cattle. Simply open the gate and lock it into place to block the lead up alley and gain access to the rear of the cow.
  • The Adjustable Alley Frame with Chute Attachment allows for quick and easy attachment of your adjustable alley to a Priefert’s Model S04 Squeeze Chute.
  • The S04 Squeeze Chute is designed to be user friendly, all levers and handles are located so that a single individual can operate the headgate, tailgate, squeeze, and side exit from one spot with minimal effort.
  • Headgate locks and Side Squeeze locks are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! This infinite locking system allows a perfect fit for every size animal.
  • The Model 91 Headgate operates in manual or automatic catch mode. To set the automatic catch, move the auto-catch lever to activate the spring, and then use the self-catching lever on the front of the headgate to select one of 4 opening widths. The sides of the headgate are contoured to fit securely around the neck of the animal.
  • The S04 chute design allows maximum neck access, offering greater convenience for preferred injection sites. There are no “head-banging” handles in the way of the operator!
  • All handles are parallel along the side of the chute or store over the chute and out of the way of the operator.
  • The Model S04 Squeeze Chute features 5 contoured upper access panels and a removable bottom access panel on each side of the chute to provide the operator with full access to both sides of the animal.
  • The S04 also features a side exit gate to be used for sorting or as an emergency exit.
  • The “split tailgate” on the chute features dual controls to allow operation of the tail gate from the front or rear of the chute. The simple pull of a pin disengages half of the tailgate to create a “calf-sized” entry into the chute. Put the pin back in place to resume split tailgate action.

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Main Working Alley Length: 30’
Alley Frame Inside Height: 80”
Panel Height: 6’
Inside Alley Width: Adjustable to 18”, 21”, 25”, or 28”
Handles approximately 200 head of cattle