Zequine Odor Loc

Zequine™ ODOR LOC is made from all-natural non-toxic crystal mineral. These crystals have a honeycomb structure of millions of tiny pore spaces that lock up ammonia odor from horse urine with a unique bonding action.
The result is a dryer stall and cleaner, healthier air. It is non-toxic and harmless to horses, humans and the environment.

There is nothing like fresh air and Odor Loc.

ZeQuine™ Odor” Loc™
Eliminate Harsh Environmental Odors, Naturally

The odors that are associated with equine training and boarding facilities are an accepted reality. In fact, repeated exposure to ammonia gases from urine can affect the respiratory health and performance of humans and animals alike.
Now there is a natural solution to the problem. ZeQuine™ ODOR•LOC™.
This highly porous, natural mineral absorbs up to twice the ammonia and moisture of other competing products.
Plus, ODOR•LOC™ will remove odor from the stalls, extend bedding life and significantly improve the environment for everyone.
As a result, animals stay dryer and cleaner, without dehydrating or causing irritation to the horses’ hooves of skin.
ZeQuine™ Odor” Loc™
ZeQuine™ ODOR•LOC™ has been field tested and proven in some of the most strenuous environments. Try it and both you and your horses will experience improved daily performance becaue of fresher air quality and environment.
ODOR•LOC™ is part of the ZeQuine™ family of professional grade products developed for exceptional equine care.
There is nothing like fresh air and nothing likeODOR•LOC™
Product Packaging & Directions For Use
ZeQuine™ ODOR•LOC™ is available in 30 lb. bags.
ZeQuine™ Odor” Loc™
Directions For Initial Application:
Spread 3 to 5 cups over the floor area. Sprinkle an additional cup over wet spots.
Daily Maintenance:
Pick up manure and urine soaked bedding from the stall daily. Sprinkle approximately 2 cups of ZeQuine™ ODOR•LOC™ on the wet areas of the stall. Replace bedding as needed. Best results are obtained whenZeQuine™ ODOR•LOC™ is placed in contact with wet or moist areas.
Stall Bedding Changes:
After stripping the stall of bedding, sprinkle ZeQuine™ ODOR•LOC™ on bare floor before adding fresh bedding. Apply additional product to wet spots and mud holes for best odor reduction. The more contact with urine spots the better the results.