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Horse Walker

The Advantages of Horse Walkers

As a ranch owner, you want to give your horses the best care you can. But there’s only one of you, and your horses need more of a workout than you alone can provide. The next best thing to your training is an equine exerciser that can build strength and overall health for up to eight horses at a time. The advantages of horse walkers go far beyond working up a sweat.


Every horse can benefit from a walker because the rotating partitions keep moving at a consistent pace on a flat and even surface. Even horses who are recovering from injuries can use walkers for their rehabilitation. You’ll never forget a proper warmup or cool-down because equine exercisers ensure a safe, daily routine that will keep your horse’s blood circulating.


All your horses’ muscles will get a boost when using a walker, resulting in stronger backs, faster reflexes, better coordination, surer footing, and suppleness that goes a long way toward avoiding injury. Healthier blood saturation in the brain means a brighter, more alert horse. Your horse will also benefit from improved oxygen supply and capacity and lower blood pressure.


Priefert Walkers are the best we’ve ever found because they run on a planetary gear box system, which means years of nearly maintenance-free reliability. They enable you to automate more precise workouts in terms of time, speed, and direction. You can even use a remote control to adjust your horse’s speed from a trot to a walk, reverse their direction, or give them a well-deserved break. You won’t believe how quiet the equipment is, either. An eight-horse walker produces just 60 decibels of noise, which is less than your clothes dryer.

There are simply too many advantages of horse walkers to ignore. They save owners time and money, aid trainers with an enormous conditioning tool, and give more horses the attention they need. At Kovac Ranch Equipment, we sell horse equipment for the most spirited herds in Southern California, and we prefer Priefert Walkers. They have the most advanced models available, all made in the USA. Contact us to learn more about the best ways to keep your horses healthy.