Priefert Fully Automatic Control Box (rc98asrai)

This control box can be mounted to Priefert’s RC98M to upgrade it to a fully automatic remote-controlled chute. (Requires electric and air lines.)

The Fully Automatic Control Box is designed to attach to a Priefert Model RC98M Manual Roping Chute (sold separately) to convert it into a Fully Automatic, remote controlled chute that is ideal for the practice arena because it virtually eliminates the need for extra chute help. The roper pushes a single button on the remote to release the steer/calf. When the chute is empty, the laser eye activates the closing of the front gate. After this gate is closed, the split tailgate opens automatically to allow the next steer/calf to enter the chute. Once the animal has entered, the laser eye detects that the chute is loaded and it closes the tailgate. This lets the roper to return to the box with a steer/calf loaded and ready for the next run. This Fully Automatic Control Box allows the roper to spend more time roping, and less time reloading the chute. As an added feature, a dial on the chute’s control box gives ropers the ability to delay the opening of the front release gate, allowing the roper time to get ready for the run after pushing the release button. The timing of this delay can be set from approximately 3 to 30 seconds. Priefert’s Fully Automatic Control Box can also be set to function in semi-automatic mode, with each function of the chute corresponding to a different button on the remote. The remote control unit is compact and easily fits in a pocket or in the optional belt clip-holder.

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Height: 12”
Width: 10”
Length: 36.5”
Weight: 37 lbs (All weights approximate)
Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
Color: Priefert Blue
A 110 volt electrical outlet and a compressor (not included) capable of producing 90-100 lbs of air pressure and 3.2 CFM are required to activate the chute’s automatic headgate and tailgate
Draws 5 amps of electricity at peak