Priefert RC98C

Our Roping Chutes are the quietest, most durable chutes on the market. This chute’s easy fingertip squeeze release, spring-assisted opening, and improved breaking system ensures that every roper gets the same release of the steer or calf every time with no adjustments required. The split tailgate eliminates ropes, pulleys and knee knocking levers, and an updated tailgate linkage allows for an even longer lasting chute. Both the front release gate and the tailgate can be operated from either side of the chute, either from the ground or from horseback. The competition chute also includes front access windows to provide easier access for putting neck ropes on livestock, and it is longer to allow more room for chute help to get in and “push” cattle.


Overall Height: 64”

Overall Width: 36”

Inside Width at Top: 30”

Inside Width at Bottom: 17”

Overall Length: 106”

Weight: 493lbs (All weights approximate)

Color: Priefert Blue

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