Priefert RC98Q36

The Q36 Solar Powered Front Release Roping Chute is a state-of-the-art unit that requires no electrical cords or air lines, just the sun! The solar panel is attached to the top of the compact release box, and utilizes the latest patented, high frequency Pulse technology. Virtually indestructible and highly efficient, the solar panel is also weather proof. The Q36 is also equipped with a battery backup that will allow it to operate in the event that there is no sunlight to recharge the unit. A single button remote control is used to automatically open the chute’s front release gate.


Overall Height: 63”

Overall Width: 36”

Inside Width at Top: 30”

Inside Width at Bottom: 14”

Overall Length: 86”

Weight: 476 lbs (All weights approximate)

Color: Priefert Blue

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