Signature Open Horse Shelters

Signature Open Shelters are meant for a pasture or existing stalls. It is our answer to competitors “Shades” are just connected to your existing panels with clamps and tend to fly away. The Signature line can be hooked together sharing a common wall and continuous roof. The Classic line is really a better value in open shelters.

Open Signature Shelter Kit Contains:

    • Four Open Bow Frames. (1 9’ Front, 2 Sloped Sides and 1 8’ Back)
    • One 6” CEE Purlin
    • Four 26 Gauge PBR Panels (You Choose Color)
    • Eight 1-7/8 to 1-7/8 Panel Clamps
    • Four 1-5/8 Concrete Anchors


  • Can be hooked together
  • Runs
  • Mix and Match Panels

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